Client Profiles

SA Country Fire Services

The SA CFS has been using Attribute for over 18 years. Currently, Attribute holds the training details of over 35,000 CFS volunteers and staff. In times of emergency, our Attribute software has been instrumental in ensuring fire brigades contain fully trained personnel. 


South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service has been using Attribute since 2009. Attribute is used by the SAMFS for more than just a Training Administration System, other modules include Employee Injury / Disability Support and Trauma management.  


National Phamacies

In 2008 National Pharmacies wrote a Case Study in order to find a Training Administration System to best suit their needs. Attribute was installed at National Pharmacies in 2009 and has been used since. Click here to read the case study. 

Australian Defence Force

Attribute was originally designed for the RAAF and is today used by 8 different organisations across Australia within the ADF's Aerospace Division. Currently called ExecTools™, Attribute is it's civilianised brother. 

ExecTools™ has gone from strength to strength within the ADF and is continually expanding.


City of Salisbury

For the past 18 months, the City of Salisbury Council has been utilising Attribute for it's training management needs. The City of Salisbury have implemented Attribute with a full web enabled configuration that allows employees to provide feedback after completing a course, view their training history and even complete surveys on mandatory courses.