Attribute - the answer to your training management needs!

In 1998 Prodata Solutions was asked to design and develop a Training Management Software System for the RAAF MPLM Squadron in Edinburgh, South Australia. For Quality ISO certification, MPLM Squadron required a training management system that would not only manage training events, but provide training plans for members acting in Australian Defence Force (ADF) positions. From this project, ExecTools™ was created and today is used by 8 different ADF SPO's and Units across Australia.


Late in 2000 ExecTools™ was civilianised and became manta-tas


In the Information Age of the new millennium, organisation accountability is increasing as shareholders and the community demand business competency. There is no better place to start in ensuring competency than looking at staff and their skills levels.


Attribute has all the tools that an organisation needs to track skill levels, manage training and assist in making informed decisions when filling positions. It also contains HR management features such as an Organisation Charting tool and a comprehensive employee database.  


With customers in Australian Defence Force, South Australian Emergency Services and Local Government, Attribute is the ultimate training management software solution for all industries. 

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