A full set of power packed features for all your training management needs!


Intuitive User Interface – using MS Outlook look and feel navigation is a breeze. Powerful drill down on data objects is available.

Web Enabled – Powerful, low cost information distribution capability, enabling organisation personnel to access training plan and history via web interface. User-configurable course feedback and surveys are delivered via web interface and results stored for analysis in the database.

Enterprise-Based Deployment & Access - easy implementation and low ongoing costs. All software functionality is installed on a central server and made accessible from anywhere. Ensures information is shared by entire organisation avoiding duplication and improving business efficiencies. Remote update facility is also provided.

Workflow Designed – supports administrative workflows but without the rigidity that can cause unnecessary overheads in managing organisation training requirements and training delivery.

Competency-Based Management - allows determination and compliance of employees' competencies with job/role or organisational unit requirements and strategic business goals.

Well-Structured Design – groups common information together making customisation if required straight-forward and rapid.

Integration Solutions – easily interfaced to HR and other systems minimising duplication of data entry, data errors and inconsistencies.

Powerful Search Capabilities - quickly locate information about people, positions and organisational units. Results of searches can be grouped, filtered and sorted then saved to XLS, XML and HTML formats.

Comprehensive reporting - incorporates an extensive set of reports including training shortfall reports, organisation statistical reports and more.

Management Training Budget – Implement and track the organisation training budget. 

Organisation Model – use graphical charts to define the organisational structure and the personnel within. Draft models are generated to view ‘what if’ scenarios and assess impact of organisational change.

Advanced Security – Highly configurable user access to functionality and data.

Full System Audit – Full audit trail information on data additions and changes by whom and at what date/time.

Email support - integrated with MAPI compliant email applications, enabling emails to be generated from within the Attribute system.